2018 Bilinga Beach, Gold Coast

2014 Innot Hot Springs, Far North Queensland

SOLID will be held in the bush near Ravenshoe, a small regional town in Far North Queensland, approximately four hours drive from Cairns, on the Atherton Tableland.  Innot Hot Springs is about 30 kilometres drive from Ravenshoe.

Most of us will be sharing rooms as our numbers have doubled. Try to look at it like we're camping - or glamping (as they say), matched with like-minded souls.  Its a once-in-a-lifetime event so we all need to make the most of it.

The Tableland is at a higher altitude and much cooler in temperature than Cairns. Bring a hoodie or a jacket and other warm clothing.  The average temperature at the springs is around 17 degrees in the day, and drops to around 8 degrees at night.

Theres some great photo/video opportunities


Outside communication is limited at Innot Hot Springs. Even if you have Telstra as your mobile phone provider, reception is very limited at the venue.  You might enjoy disconnecting from phone and internet for a few days. However, if need be, mobile reception is a little better if you walk a short distance away from the venue.


The timing of SOLID, can also allow the possibility for engagement in Cairns, before and after the events - that is, if you wish to hang around for the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, which is on from July 24 - 27.

Cairns weather in the dry season is just about perfect, with an average of about 25 degrees daily.


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