SOLID is a two part initiative consisting of SOLID Ideas and SOLID Screen. SOLID Ideas is an invitational forum for Indigenous practitioners in a residential retreat environment and 'Solid Screen' is an International Indigenous Festival of the screen, open to the public. 

SOLID Screen will include a range of work from artists participating in the forum event that reflects upon the discussions and dialogue that 'Solid Ideas' will interrogate. The screening, like the forum, responds to important transformations that have reconfigured opportunities for experimental arts, remix and media practice, internationally, in recent times.

Invited guests will be brought together to share their ideas and approaches to collaborative forms involving not just a creative team but land/seascapes, environmental elements, communities and families.

SOLID ideas sessions will consist of themed open discussion around issues raised by the invited guests who are a community of peer professionals that will be actively participating and also responsible for delivery of content. The underlying philosophy of the forum is 'Each one Teach one'.
Or in our case -> Each one teach everyone.

In the yarning circle, each participant will also lead a discussion or workshop in an educaring environment, that facilitates Cultural Safety for all involved, and values the knowledge of the group to include Australian and International interdisciplinary practitioners from artforms such as animation, video, interactive media, photography, writing, performance and new media arts backgrounds. 

The inaugural SOLIDScreen Festival will take place on the first night and will be open to the public so that local practitioners and audiences are able to interact with the invited guests in a participatory setting extending well beyond the usual conference style event.

Is there something that you have dreamed of doing and that could fit into, or contribute to the retreat somehow? 

for example, you might have an inner DJ ~ so you could bring some burnt cd's or electronic files of music that may suit our purposes at the retreat. you want to launch something?
...or you might be interested in designing a logo?
sharing photos at the end?
let us know.

There will also be many opportunities for informal dialogue as it is expected that the invited participants will also reside at the venue. 


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