Public discussion about film-making and the arts is rare in Queensland and in wider-Australia, dialogue and writing about/for Indigenous Experimental and Interdisciplinary Media Arts is urgently overdue, desperately needs to occur and be encouraged.

cyberTribe has for some time already been in discussion with the Inter-Arts Fund for years about running an inter-disciplinary gathering. 

At issue is the translation to canvas, tape, celluloid and pixels to create a specifically Indigenous cultural and social philosophy in respective art forms, the history and future of art practice in Australia. A lot of people are doing really interesting projects around the country, and we thought it would be good to try and tie some of them back together with a series of workshops, discussions, panels, gigs and screenings.

Through this process a wide variety of issues at the forefront of both the political and conceptual agendas of these inter-disciplinary artists will arise. 

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